And…I’m officially a published poet!

Check it out!!!! Thanks to a group of absolutely amazing friends of mine, I am now officially a published poet in a poetry ebook along with a bunch of talented poets and artists and I am beyond words excited. I’m so honored to be included in this ebook with these individuals who are so incredibly amazing.

Our book is entitled Because of a Word and can be purchased through the link below on Amazon.cover_promo

Click the link to check it out, or purchase a copy :


My fellow poets and artists:
Kait Moon, Jorge Silva Rodighiero, Katy Lewellen, Elizabeth Hope, Amy Chap, Casey Bee, Estelle Olivia, Anna Ssez, Ian Colin Roditi, Angel Rosen, Ashley Plumridge, Anita Clipston

Please join me in celebrating! I’m over-the-moon!


Oh ye Gods and Godesses of YA Non-fiction and all Classroom Library Aficionados

I teach 9th grade English and I’ve been working on building my classroom library this spring. I have a hefty amount of fictional works, but my non-fiction collection still requires some beefing up. It will get there eventually. I’d love to hear any suggestions you might have as far as non-fiction books that would appeal to 13-15-year-old students.

I’m wondering what tips and tricks you all might have found for keeping a classroom library. What words of wisdom do you have?

Authors I Have Loved (and still do!)

There are just some authors that stick with you. You’ve read so many of their works that you feel like you’ve become a part of the world they’ve created; or perhaps you’ve read one of their books so many times it has become a part of you…perhaps that is what happens? Either way, just the thought of reading something they’ve written makes you almost giddy inside.

The more I think about this topic the more authors come to mind. I feel like I’ll be editing this post until the end of time. So without more ado, here’s my list: (in no particular order)

1. Mitch Albom

2. E.B. White

3. S.E. Hinton

4. Christopher Moore

5. Chuck Palahniuk

6. Harper Lee

7. Herman Wouk

8. Robert Cormier

9. Lois Lowery

10. J.D. Salinger

11. Hunter S. Thompson

12. David Sedaris

13. Garrison Keillor

14. Augusten Burroughs

15. Jeannette Walls

16. Laurie Halse Anderson

17. John Green

18. Judy Blume

19. Markus Zusak

20. Ray Bradbury

21. Douglas Adams

22. Edgar Allan Poe

23. Charles Brockden Brown

24. H.P. Lovecraft

25. Garth Ennis

26. Art Spiegelman

27. John Layman (ill. Rob Guillory)

28. Mildred D. Taylor