So, you’ve come here looking for dirt on me. I’d  hate to disappoint, so here are a few bones to chew upon, extracted from a fine skeleton, found hanging in my closet.

Things I’ve been known to do/accused of doing (that I may or may not admit to):

1) Invent ridiculously crazy stories just so I don’t have to answer questions I’d rather avoid about my personal life. (Being accosted by monkeys with bananas pointed at me and kept hostage in their lair for over three weeks.)

2) Hang out with and become friends with rock stars.

3) Randomly place positive messages of encouragement on cars found in parking lots and garages downtown, all while pretending that the cops were coming to get me for my crimes.

4) Pour change into random parking meters, while mumbling and ranting that the police can come and take me away for all I care because I’d love to read that article in the newspaper. “Local Woman Arrested for Helping Others”

5) Wrestle with a snake stuck in netting to free it while trying to maintain that I actually know what I’m doing as it attempts to bite me.

6) Talk my husband into adopting a cat in an effort to help me grieve the loss of a child.

7) Buy over 100 books in a single day.

8) Buy things online just to have packages come in the mail that I can look forward to receiving.

Now for the facts:

1) I enjoy reading short fiction, realistic fiction, memoirs, poetry, essays (not the student variety), graphic novels and comic books, and crime novels. I love YA literature!

2) I enjoy writing for fun and therapeutic purposes. I’ve written poetry since I was in the sixth grade and my teacher, Mrs. Cohen, encouraged me. However, since sixth grade I’ve rarely shared anything I’ve written with anyone.

3) The wisest education related advice I’ve ever received is from my Aunt Terri who told me upon my graduation from high school that “Perfect A’s a perfect student does not make.”

4) I have found myself, inexplicably, enthralled by and drawn to libraries in some form or another. During high school, I became friends with my high school librarian and worked in the library during my free periods. During college, I worked in the college library. My favorite job was working in the periodicals. Then, after graduation, and considering which masters degree programs might be right for me, I enrolled in a School Library & Information Technology program. I also used to volunteer regularly at the local public library in the Friends of the Library bookstore.

5) I have a cat named Dexi Doodle Putty Tat who purrs me to sleep on many a lazy afternoon. (We’ve had an addition to the family since my original posting of this…Zoey.)




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