Cool Lesson for Today

I teach a course on short stories. It’s probably one of my favorite things to teach because I love short stories myself. Recently in class, we’ve been looking at popular fiction and the various genres. This week we’re focusing on Sci-Fi/Fantasy. Yesterday, while working on my plan for the week I had wanted a short sci-fi film that I could show in one class period that would be interesting enough to keep my students’ attention and that would have the obvious elements of sci-fi. At the time I was working on my plan I couldn’t come up with one, but while eating dinner with my husband an idea hit me, and I thought to myself – I know, an episode of Star Trek!  – which like much of what goes through my mind, I apparently verbalized this thought, much to the confusion of my husband who then said, “what about an episode of Star Trek?” 

I proceeded to explain my prior quandary, and he then reminded me of another wonderful something…The Twilight Zone! Oh, yes, that would be even better!

In seeking out the perfect episode to show today, I landed quite fortuitously upon “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street.”

This was beyond perfect! Not just for the purposes of my lesson, but also perfect amidst our recent political climate change. It was the perfect message for my students to hear, and perhaps myself as well.

Quite in awe of how beautifully this all came together, I couldn’t wait to write this post because I wanted to share just a small reminder to all about the dangers of mass hysteria/the mob effect and how we often let our fears control us to the point of chewing off our own tails. Fear of the unknown and different is not an excuse for bigotry.

Enjoy, My Friends, Enjoy!



4 thoughts on “Cool Lesson for Today

  1. It’s really fun to use Roald Dahl’s short stories “Lamb to the Slaughter” (of which there is a great video on YouTube to go along with it: and “Man from the South” (which also has a video: The stories are dark, so you’ll have to decide if you feel comfortable using them, but they make for interesting class discussions. “Lamb to the Slaughter” is about a woman who kills her husband with a big hunk of meat and then serves it to the police officers when they come to investigate – perfect crime! “Man from the South” is about a strange man who takes betting to a different level…

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  2. Thank you for posting! I haven’t seen that episode of Twilight Zone in decades! How poignant! What a great lesson to for you class. A what level do you teach you short story class?


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