She huddles curling tight at joinder of floor and wall
hidden in darkness below the bed
she shrinks her already diminutive figure.

Uncertainty and fear ripple quietly
beneath her skin, tensing at
every step nearer.

Calling her name soft and low,
I stretch out my hand palm up, calmly,
slowly reaching –
giving no reason for suspicion.

Still she scrunches up further,
a wild look in her eye;
she’s deliberating,
calculating my intentions.

She shifts further out of reach
but gentle persuasion and patience
win her over as she curls into my loving touch.

Nudging my hand with anticipation
seeking scratches behind ears
scooting closer, she eventually finds my lap
a comfortable alternative to the hard wooden floor.

I caress her gently with reassurance in my voice
knowing full-well that even the tiniest creak of the house
will frighten – sending her scurrying,
once again, to the lonely safety of her hiding spot beneath the bed.


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