how to say what should never need be said –
I shouldn’t have to tell you that
it’s okay to be yourself – it is.

it should be a rule, understood,
that your gender is your business
as is your attire and I’d be the first to say,
you look quite fabulous.

an attempt to articulate the vigil in my heart
kept for you as one of those safe spaces,
in a kaleidoscope world of ever changing views,
with unwavering persistence prove I, still.

I hope it goes without saying
that I choose to stand for love, a buffer,
breaking gusts and glancing blows
of hatred; I’ll not abide their pouring down on you.

my imperfect words struggle to express
how infuriating to see one human
forsake their own humanity to strip away
another’s dignity – a hateful case, indeed.

Now, I must shatter the silence with thunderous roar
for those whose voices can’t be heard above the din of bigotry.
I speak the unspoken agreement – should you need
the safety of my presence, I’ll walk
side by side with you – through any door you choose.


Author’s note: The impetus for this poem formed in my mind after reading the account of a friend who suffered abuse for no reason other than being who he is. It has been percolating for several days, but I struggled to find the right words. His story screamed so loudly and reverberated within my mind. No one should have to deal with abuse, humiliation, and hatred of this kind. 


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