Keeping the Promise #2

More than Myers-Briggs

random assortment of clutter
scattered about my desk
part paperwork and part playfulness

with a collection of things we surround ourselves
indicating an identity beyond mere name
illustrating personalities
in all their glorious wonder and
various states of disciplined organization

my attention to detail is lacking
my mind flows in streams of generalities –
I’m big picture

merely watching the greater vision emerge
the individual pieces falling haphazardly into place
well below my radar

and though I’ve been described as being
more heart than brain
I would not disagree; my heart does often speak
much louder and more passionate than rational thoughts
though I see it not a fault

impulsive thoughts and actions
run amok sprinkling glitter
and chaotic ripples outward
in my wake

empathy to the point of implosion
where I feed the empty wells
creatively regenerating my own heart
among the brushes and written words
in self-imposed solitary absolution

a wandering journey
arriving without remembrance of how or why
lost in thought – an introspective blur

a constant struggle to speak my truth
though emotions lie
embedded within my face
alternately surfacing and diving deeper still



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