Because your name’s not Steven

and I don’t have to!

Over ten years and you still haven’t learned

that you get further if you ask


expectation of a “yes.”

My ring? Oh… it must have come off

when I threw those sticks you asked me to pick up

into the brush pile.

So when you think you’ve won

you’ll see,

it’s just that I don’t have the energy


defiance, sweet defiance.

[said in jest]

But you’re still not getting dinner.


your spiteful wife





One thought on “Spiteful

  1. For those of you who liked this, I thought you might like “The Husband’s Response.”

    Response to Spite:

    One chore a day
    Does not mean that
    You’ve done all
    You needed to do.

    The fish tank still
    Needs to be cleaned
    And your husband wants
    To be fed too.

    I’m sorry that
    You didn’t like
    My ask for help
    Out in the yard.

    But honest thought
    About your task
    Will show that it
    Was not that hard.

    So let me know
    When spite is gone
    And you’re ready
    To discuss dinner

    All in all
    I think
    Not bad
    Especially for a beginner.

    Love you honey!


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