And…I’m officially a published poet!

Check it out!!!! Thanks to a group of absolutely amazing friends of mine, I am now officially a published poet in a poetry ebook along with a bunch of talented poets and artists and I am beyond-words excited. I’m so honored to be included in this ebook with these individuals who are so incredibly amazing.

Our book is entitled Because of a Word and can be purchased through the link below on Amazon.cover_promo

Click the link to check it out, or purchase a copy :


My fellow poets and artists:
Kait Moon, Jorge Silva Rodighiero, Katy Lewellen, Elizabeth Hope, Amy Chap, Casey Bee, Estelle Olivia, Anna Ssez, Ian Colin Roditi, Angel Rosen, Ashley Plumridge, Anita Clipston

Please join me in celebrating! I’m over-the-moon!


Forget to Remember

Sitting here lost on memory lane, in a daydream world, thinking about that time…

in a daydream world, thinking about that time…

I smile to myself, and for a moment –

I forget to remember,

you’re no longer here.

Walking from room to room in my mind

retracing my steps within this house;

I find myself watching you at the kitchen table, playing solitaire.

Deftly picking and choosing and moving cards,

I hear you cluck your tongue softly, deep in thought,

as is your habit. I see you sitting there.

And for just that moment

you’re as real as real can be;

I forget to remember,

you’re no longer here.

I think back to spending the night

curled up on your couch,

snuggled safe, in a blanket

that smelled just like you.

You check on me and

say goodnight, as I drift off to sleep…

and for a moment,

I forget to remember…

you’re gone.


[Author’s note: Written in remembrance of Carol Doty.]