Visions Speak Louder



Energy crackles through my veins

forking lighting ‘cross the night sky

frantic, frenetic, and all consuming fire

burning bridges; caution whipping in the wind

like a white flag of surrender.

Impetuous failing desire to create

jumping from thought to action

and word to deed with the speed of light

inattentive to space and time.

The sum total of one word: unconquerable!

All at once or not at all. Racing against time

knowing full well the ship can hold no more

but still, taking on water faster and faster, more and more,

and more and more.

The bailers flee in fear of sinking with the ship.

At the peak of the wave

there’s a crack and all comes crashing down.


A grand view of despair and

mighty upheaval. Murky gloom hangs upon my shoulders

cloaking and drowning

each thought in every passing minute

tumbling beneath the waves.

Watching from the ramparts looking

down upon the battle –

life for life.

Mercy has no place in this war,

It is the ultimate sacrifice, but for nothing.

No honor, only shame and defeat bear the victor

upon their shoulders.

Useless and motionless, stagnating among the decimated remains

of those who’ve passed before only too willingly.

Throwing themselves upon the pyre as though it had been foretold,

a prophecy of neglect and self-loathing lingering in the soul.



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