Box Dweller

Envious of life beyond the glass cage

watching as time passes with each season’s change

longing for some greater adventure

a leap of faith, a risk, so far untaken.

Fear of change, thoughts of “it could be worse”

but standing caught between reality and dream

– a fence rider.

Bit by bit, emerging as from a fitful slumber –

eyes first, toes testing waters, but

fear of failure drives a return to the known.

Persistently dreaming of life beyond the walls

of safety, of conventionality, of knowing the rules.

When we come to the end of life, will we have done

all we could muster – breaking free of shackles binding,

or just passed our time in the shadow-life of the box

envious ’til the last drop?

If the human is caught within the box,

is it dead, or alive? And, does it matter?

Box dwellers must scratch, claw, and climb

out of the box, stretching like a feline yoga master – into the sunlight

which honors beauty and creativity

and all the things we cannot be –

within the box.





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