280 ml

How long does it take a heart to explode?

I ‘googled’ it; result:  no such thing.

Why then does it seem a possibility?

Perhaps when our hearts feel so full and heavy,

the weight becomes more than we can bear,

perhaps it is then because we wish it were so.

How long does it take a dream to die?

I ‘googled’ it; result: you can survive dying in your dreams

That somehow seems profound, but not very much like a satisfying answer.

How much can a human heart hold?

I don’t have to ‘google’ it to know:

It can hold all the joy and the sorrow

of human beings, of life and dreams and expectations,

and it can hold the universe and the stars in the sky.

I ‘googled’ it anyway; result:

approximately 280 ml.

Reconciling what I know and what is real,

I can only assume that all the joy, sorrow, dreams and expectations of a lifetime,

the universe and all the stars in the sky are equal to approximately 280 ml,

on repeat.




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