Rational it is not

impulse breeds destruction

head and heart torn in opposites

body left bleeding in between

feeling lava hot and frozen wasteland all at once

Reaction swift

and sharp as a hot knife

cutting through love like butter

Spewing forth

venom and confusion

conflicting feelings that scream to be let lose

Sharp breath

a wound to the chest

Powder keg of restlessness blowing

all to bits and pieces

shards upon the floor

No energy left for sweeping

them under the rug.

Just continue dancing over them.

Impulse leaves as quick as it fired

but oh the disaster behind in its wake

debris and rubble, blood and bone

all exposed and eviscerated

until this hurtful beast lies limp

and beaten down.

No more I say – you say, no more back and forth

just hollow emptiness in the aftermath of impulse.





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