The Mundane

Waking late

alarm ringing, once, twice, three times

I’m up. I’m up. (5:45 a.m.)

Feed the cats.

Coffee and a bagel;

coffee and toast; it’s all the same.

Drive to work

sun over trees

fog or drifting snow

pasture and cornfield

it’d make a nice painting or


Day in and day out

grade, lecture, grade.

Thousands upon thousands of

tiny interactions slipping through my

careful hands; hopeful of changing the course of


Drive home repeating both sides

of the conversation, argument

thinking of wiser things or

lesser things I could have said.

Worrying it over, mulling,

fermenting in my mind.

Home, cats’ greeting,

couch beckoning;

I sit.



reading, television

interrupting to tell me

news. Crochet, paint, carve and sand

solace in artistic endeavors.

To bed, to sleep, to dream. (11:00 p.m.)




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