Photograph for Today

Today’s the kind of day that looks good in a photograph


because the weather is great, but perhaps

because it is not.

A photograph of some warm and cozy nook, looking out upon a yard

where I can curl up with my latest treasure

a book that I’m longing to read.

It nags at me so

that I’ve become distracted by its existence upon my desk.

I count down the hours slowly ticking away

trying desperately to snag unsatisfactory glances at its many leaves in between

doing the things that I must.

This only piques my curiosity and urgency more.

I know the first thing that I will do upon my arrival home

will be to plop on my couch and crack the spine of this delicious


Until then, I can only fantasize

about this day in a photograph, which only exists in my imagination.

Snowbound and cozy curled up with a good book perched upon my knees propped up,

pillow behind my head, and a window with a view of the blustery day outside.




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