Lost Inside

Lost Inside

I am the little blue-green marble

rolling ’round in my skull;

shining a soft light into the cracks and crevices,

nooks and crannies of my own soul.

Dropped to the bottom of the well, ne’er to return.

I am the orb of myself

probing deeper within

sinking in the mire. A dense jungle

rises within. The further I go into my own mind

into my own mind

the harder it is to return;

the path is never the same.

The passage regrows and remakes itself

as soon as my footprint is etched upon the forest floor.

Vines and creepers seal entrances that once were.

The ground behind me heaves in my wake,

taking new form. And

night, after day, after night

I am left with only a small sense

of myself and my being. I

get lost within myself,

always searching for the

nearest exit;





Lost and alone on some long forgotten shore

I cannot stand upon my feet

nor crawl on hand and knee.

I cannot retrace my steps

though, frantic I may be; I’ve

wandered too far from the surface –

I’ve gone too deep inside of me.

I am engulfed

in all that I was,

all that I’ve been,

and all that I ever shall be.


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