Rearranging My Creative Landscape

I’ve been thinking about it a bit over the holiday break and I’ve decided to change the name of my blog to reflect it’s current purpose in my journey a bit more accurately. When I first started the blog I wasn’t sure what I was going to write about. At first, I thought perhaps I’d write about books and do some book reviews, but in the entire time I’ve had this blog, I don’t think I’ve written a single book review. Hence, “If you give a girl a book” doesn’t seem accurate.

As the months have passed, I’ve gotten a better handle on the ideas that come to me for my writing. I guess you could say I was taking the time to get to know myself as a writer. This doesn’t mean I intend to pigeonhole myself, but rather that I want to free myself of those previously held expectations – even if they were only MY expectations.

This summer I began dabbling in other artistic endeavors alongside my writing. I’ve become pretty obsessed with creative upcycling and mixed-media art. I’m not overly gifted with artistic talent, but I enjoy creating and exploring my artistic side. I’ve taken a bedroom that once belonged to my daughter and have turned it into an art studio (and small library because, ya know – books!).

To me, this room is the ultimate “take back.” After everything I’ve been through, I feel like I’m finally taking back control of my own life, my health, and well-being. I’m unpacking the dusty old boxes of creativity and passion in my mind’s attic and casting off the cobwebs. Ahh, there’s the girl I used to know!

I’ve come to the conclusion that this may just be the new beginning, the reinvention, and renewal, of my creative mind. So if you’re still with me and down with my change of course, welcome!



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