Imprints upon the Snow

I love the dainty imprints in the snow

where your tiny feet have graced the terra firma with your presence

oh, you of lighted wing and feather.

These etchings criss-cross the yard

creating patterns and betraying your every move.

Every landing, every flutter, even the simple caress of tail feather as you turn about

is traced upon the snowy landscape.

They are delicate and graceful impressions reminding me of you.




Liebster Award

Many thanks to Untangled for nominating me for the Liebster Award!


Here are the rules:

* Acknowledge the blog that nominated you and display the award.

* Answer 11 questions that the blog gives you.

* Give 11 random facts about yourself.

* Nominate 5-11 blogs you think are deserving of the award that have less than 200 followers.

* Let the blogs know you have nominated them.

* Give them 11 questions to answer

Here are my 11 answers:
1, What is your all-time favourite book?   I would have to say Lamb by Christopher Moore.
2, Who has been the biggest influence in your life?  Hands-down, my parents.
3, Do you vote?  Hell, yes I vote!                                                                                               4, What is your favourite food? Almost anything someone else will make for me. LOL
5, Do you eat meat? Why/why not? Yes, but I have nothing against those who choose not to do so; I think it is a matter of personal taste and preference.
6, Which musical artist speaks to you the most? I would have to say Rise Against, but there are so many wonderful bands and genres of music that touch my soul that it’s terribly hard to choose.
7, Do you enjoy being barefoot? I prefer socks, but yes.
8, Would you turn in your best friend if you discovered they were selling drugs? Seeing as my mom is my best friend, no, I wouldn’t turn her in, but I’d find it terribly odd and somewhat funny.
9, Has your life changed dramatically at any point? Oh, so many times!
10, If you could have any job in the world, what would it be? Professional creative doing the things I love and being paid enough to support myself and my artistic endeavors.
11, Would you like to be famous? No, never; it seems like a horrible idea.

Now, here are 11 random facts about me.
1, I love to write.
2, I love being out in nature camping, hiking, just enjoying and discovering nature’s beauties. I love both the mountains and the coastal shores.
3, I went to Cozumel, Mexico on my honeymoon and I absolutely loved it, but that is the only time I’ve ever been outside the U.S. and I feel that is quite unfortunate.
4, I love to read, but I have come to love audiobooks and podcasts just as much.
5, I have two kitties (Doodle and Zoey) and I consider them my life savers – you know, whatever it takes to convince yourself to stick around when you’re really struggling with mental illness.
6, I believe in supporting the arts as much as I’m financially able because they contribute to our society in so many ways and they’re vitally important to human beings in general.
7, I enjoy traveling and I love flying. I get a big kick out of being able to look out the plane window and see clouds.
8, I am terrified of heights to the point that I freeze up and can not move.
9, I love feeding the birds and squirrels in my back yard. I’m slightly obsessive about it.
10, I love animals of all kinds, but I prefer to see them in the wild rather than in cages and aquariums, but I do enjoy going to those places as well.
11, My favorite season is autumn because I like the smell of dead leaves.

The blogs that I have nominated are:

Honestly, I hate the whole chain-letter aspect of these awards things, so I don’t want to nominate any specific blogs, but if any of my followers would like to be nominated, please feel free to “take the donut” and pass it along to other deserving blogs as well. Seriously, take the donut!


Here are your 11 questions:

  1. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
  2. If you could live anywhere where would it be? why?
  3. Have you ever made a dream of yours come true?
  4. Ocean, Mountains or Desert? why?
  5. What genre of books do you tend to read?
  6. Who would play you in a movie?
  7. Have you written your novel, book, e-book, any book yet?
  8. Do you feel compassionate about a topic?
  9. When you close your eyes and go to your happy place, where is it?
  10. If you could choose any art form and excel which would you choose?
  11. Name one perfect moment you experienced in the last week.

Photograph for Today

Today’s the kind of day that looks good in a photograph


because the weather is great, but perhaps

because it is not.

A photograph of some warm and cozy nook, looking out upon a yard

where I can curl up with my latest treasure

a book that I’m longing to read.

It nags at me so

that I’ve become distracted by its existence upon my desk.

I count down the hours slowly ticking away

trying desperately to snag unsatisfactory glances at its many leaves in between

doing the things that I must.

This only piques my curiosity and urgency more.

I know the first thing that I will do upon my arrival home

will be to plop on my couch and crack the spine of this delicious


Until then, I can only fantasize

about this day in a photograph, which only exists in my imagination.

Snowbound and cozy curled up with a good book perched upon my knees propped up,

pillow behind my head, and a window with a view of the blustery day outside.



Cold Morning Sky

Rising from the smoke stack into the morning sky

like the darkest ink spilling out onto a delicate page

an errant stain on a watercolor painting.

Further along the horizon, beautiful hues of coral and

cerulean blend and separate with smoothing brush strokes of titanium white,

broken only by spindly naked branches

stretching skyward as though hoping for the warmth of sunlight.

Today they would be disappointed. My breath hangs visibly in the air,

forming and dissipating clouds with every exhale.



None of the Thoughts Will Settle

I want to write today about ancient cities discovered

and ancient babies too, I want to write about things left behind

by others passing through. I want to write about frustrations

and the small things in life that bring moments, like sunshine,

pretending to be rays of light.

All these things are swirling and tangled within

my mind. Perhaps when the dust settles, and the

sediment falls to the bottom and froth floats to top; perhaps then,

I will be able to write these things that swirl in my head.

Journal #2

I have finally reached the end of journal #2. I was amazed and so very proud of myself when I reached the end of journal #1, but to have made it through journal #2 is beyond my wildest imagination.

Allow me to explain. Over the past 23 years or so I have attempted to keep a journal at least 100 times. I’ve bought so many notebooks with the intention of keeping a journal that I’ve completely lost track. The process looked something like this: write on the first few pages, rip out those first few pages, maybe started again, and then promptly abandoned the whole idea only to pick up a new notebook a few months later and repeat the process.

The past year and a half have been different somehow. Maybe it was timing, maybe it was magic, but somehow I’ve managed to keep up with it. I carry my notebook everywhere I go. It has allowed me to capture thoughts, ideas, and observations that would have been lost had I not written them down in the moment.

Sometimes what I write there turns into something here on my blog, but just as often what is written there stays there. But the fact that I’ve completed two journals now brings me a great sense of pride in that I’ve stuck with it, that I am taking my writing a bit more seriously, and that I’m constantly looking and finding bits and pieces to write down.

This second journal was started back in August. In five months, I’ve written enough to fill it. It doesn’t matter if every word of it is drivel; I can live with that simply because, out of that drivel, has come some reasonably decent work that I’m not too ashamed to confess that I’ve written. I have a long way to go; of this I am aware, but you can’t get from point A to point B unless you start walking, so at least I’ve started the journey.

Lightning Bugs


I often imagine that lightning bugs
are tiny fairies
carrying lanterns
as they harvest the dew
and moonlight.
I am not completely convinced
this isn’t the case
though I’ve inspected many
a lightning bug
up close.
There’s still hope
in me
that magic such as this
just might exist.

The Other Side of the River Styx

It is not a wish for death,

but a wish to have more reason for life that

draws me towards the Plutonian shore;

I sense no dread as my tempest-tossed bark

verges upon this permanent night’s embankment.

What holds the Earth for me?

A soul? A purpose?

And yet I cannot see

beyond dense, thorny, and addled mind

to retrieve the sense of purpose

that once felt I, yet have lost in the muck and mire

of living.

If, with Styx, collides my soul

perhaps Charon would free, deeming me unfit for Hades.

I should untie my tongue and offer forth the obol

for my conveyance, but I’d rather swim.

Perhaps the River would wash away

the melancholy and remind me of what

life lies within. New baptised and full to brim;

rediscovered self – I choose my old familiar shore.




Pencils. Easy come,

easy go.

Used up.


chewed up.



on the floor.


Until the next


someone asks,

“Can I borrow

a pencil?”

Never returned.

“Borrow” is not

the correct term.

Pencils like

currency; easy come,

easy go.

In Absentia

Sometimes I must burrow away;

Take a break from creating.

My hand is forced by unseen

torments made powerful, only in my


This is the curse of in absentia.

I emerge revived; throwing off the weight

of heavy blanketing fog over mind and body.

Creativity circulating and coursing

my veins once more; I am restored.

Cocoon of paralysis shattering

sending me sprawling, kicking and screaming,

back into existence.

And for now, I win.