Christmas Trees with Sprinkles


Seeing these treats in the ice cream aisle of the grocery store while shopping with my mom meant that Christmas would soon be coming. They were, at that time, a rather expensive treat; one that only came once a year. I remember the pale green tree-shaped ice cream with wonderful little sprinkles on top. How I relished every bite.

The year my husband (at the time he was my boyfriend) and I moved in together we didn’t have much money because we were just starting out. We ate Ramen and Craft Mac & Cheese with frequency. I remember seeing these in the grocery store around Christmas time and explaining their nostalgic significance in my childhood. He agreed to splurge on a box and we headed back to our apartment. After the nightly Ramen feast, we opened the box of Frosty Trees. They come individually wrapped in their own paper. Tearing the paper open I laid out my tree in my bowl. They looked a little on the small side, but similar to what I’d loved as a child, sprinkles and all. We sat down together to enjoy our treats. They tasted fine, but somehow it just wasn’t the Christmasy delicacy I’d built them up to be in my memory.

Now every year when I see these minty green colored trees in the freezer section of my grocery store, I think back fondly on my childhood memories and the memory of my first year living with my husband when I’d begged to reclaim my childhood nostalgia. I smile and giggle at the thought and then I walk right on past them. They’re much better in my memory.


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