A Little Dirt Never Hurt

[Side note: I very nearly attempted to write this post from my phone while in the tub enjoying my morning cuppa, but I figured I’d drop the phone and spend the rest of the day freaking out about it and the post would never get written anyway. I wanted to capture the words that were forming in my mind at that exact moment. Always keep a journal handy; that’s a writer’s number one rule, right? Damn. Failing already. LOL]

Anyway, on to the dirt….

If you ever come visit my home, you will notice dirt. Probably cat hair as well, but definitely dirt. You see, I’m not very domestic and I am not a neat freak except for when I am. My time, well, it’s spent elsewhere. Keeping the rest of my being afloat.

I will nourish my body, my mind, and my creative spirit in equal measure; however, when it comes to adulting in real life…I often flounder about hopelessly. The worst part is… I really don’t care all that much. I clean enough to keep myself comfortable and beyond that it’s pretty much a wild west crap shoot.

So, if you come to visit me, be prepared. My house is lived in, it gets messy sometimes, and I’m only embarrassed by this when company comes. I’ll apologize profusely I’m sure, but know that my apology is only slightly sincere.

Oh, and one more thing, watch out for all the cat toys!


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