The Makings of Christmas

As I’ve done the majority of my Christmas shopping online this year, I won’t complain about the crowds at stores or the rampant consumerism though I know both exist. What I will say is this…

I’ve made a number of homemade gifts this year for people that I love and cherish. I have found these gifts to be much more satisfying in the giving than anything I could have purchased. And so far, everyone who has received one of these gifts has truly loved them despite, or perhaps because of their imperfections and homemade-ness.

There is something to be said for the process of making a gift specifically for another individual. At least for me, I spend the entire time thinking of that person. I hold the person in my thoughts and meditate on what that person means to me and the relationship I have with him or her. For me, this is what it means when something is made with love. It is my tangible and yet intangible way of giving my love to those around me.

I’ve worked hard on the things I’ve created. I hope the people I’ve given the items to understand just how much time and love went into them. They are, in effect, the imperfections of my heart and soul.




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