Card Game: Queen of Hearts


Playing With The Queen of Hearts” by Valerie Everett is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Card Game: Queen of Hearts

I play the queen of hearts;

You attempt to Trump me.

Again I will play the queen of hearts.


Not of Alice’s encounters,

but my own actual heart –

and yes, it can beat a Trump, every time.

Want to know the secret?

In life, though not in cards –

Love. Empathy. Compassion.

They win the game.

Because if I were to die with love in my heart

because I have empathy and compassion

for those who are not me

then I consider it not a loss.

I will have won – being the better human.

I shall allow no man to represent me falsely,

especially not he – the most unworthy.

I am the fucking queen of hearts!

I win the game; this is MY rebellion.


NOTE: Donald Trump does not represent me. He is not me. He is not the United States. He is himself, a lonely, bitter, and much-misguided soul.




5 thoughts on “Card Game: Queen of Hearts

        1. +1 on that feeling. I mean, he cannot be stopped, it seems. But he knows how to work the PR machine. If he’s doing it to drum up business for his enterprises, it’s a very good scheme. Let’s hope people don’t actually vote for him and this is a nightmare. xo

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