I. don’t. like. politics.

Gun shots. and. bombs.

Hear my heart beat. Cop cars.

My mouth opens to scream

but no sound comes forth.

Again, gun. shots. and. bombs.

Firing away at my poor tattered soul. Sirens wail;

sadness sweeps the world over. Cries rise up

and are crushed

by the weight

by the enormity of the desolation

choked with despair. We are at war.

Their voices are not heard though they cry out in the night,

throughout the day, and right in our faces.

Yet we turn them away. Fear.

A weapon for cowards and manipulators.

Those who protect and those who deceive

are not all that different, sometimes.







3 thoughts on “I. don’t. like. politics.

    1. I can’t imagine it either; my heart goes out to those families directly involved. Every day on the news I see more acts of hatred, more bloodshed, and more suffering and I feel so helpless. My empathy often threatens to drown me and yet I see others around me who seem to have no empathy and cannot fathom why I do; these people break my heart as well. They allow their fear to rule their hearts and minds.

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      1. I just keep spreading the love and kindness, pushing it out in every encounter I have. It’s all I can do and it is doing something. I believe it shifts the energy and changes lives, on relationship at a time. I do get down though too, so I share your heartbreak and frustration. Hugs to you.

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