Celebrating My First Rejection Letter

Well, I’ve been holding my breath for quite some time now having done something I had never dared to do before. A few months ago I submitted my very first piece of writing to an online magazine. I sent it knowing in my mind that I would likely face rejection, but for me it was a now or never leap of faith in myself.

For years and years, I’ve done nothing but write for myself. I have only very rarely shared my work with anyone. Until these past few months, even my husband didn’t know I was a writer. He still seems mystified by it; not shocked that I do write, but that he’s now seeing me write for the first time. That I’ve come out of the proverbial closet, so-to-speak.  I still don’t show him my work. Perhaps he’s hunted me down here, on my blog, but we don’t talk about it and for now, I like it that way.

So today was the day that I finally received my first rejection letter. Not a mean one, but a gentle one. One offering a chance at revision and resubmission. That was one step better than I’d hoped for to be honest.

Today I am celebrating; celebrating the fact that I had the courage and just enough confidence in myself to submit a piece of writing. Celebrating the result of months of waiting. Celebrating the kindness of the rejection. Celebrating the fact that I am not completely demoralized by the rejection. Celebrating the idea that there will be many more rejections to come. Celebrating the idea that I might yet come into my own as a writer.

Afterall, you can’t get published if you never submit your work.



5 thoughts on “Celebrating My First Rejection Letter

  1. Bravo! on both your attitude and your effort. Getting rejections is one way to know we are doing our job. It’s unfortunate that we call it “a rejection letter” … though I don’t have an alternative to suggest. It doesn’t mean the work not good or doesn’t have a place. It’s not personal. It can simply be a space issue, or having too many piece on the same theme or in the same style or … whether said or not … that it has promise and neets more work. It’s a good sign that they do like your work. Hooray! Good luck.

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