Puttering around about Town

Today was, in part, a typical Saturday for me. I started my morning out at Lancaster Central Market for a bite to eat and then for a change I headed down Queen Street to see what I could find in the local shops. It’s Small Business Saturday after all.

My first stop was at Madcap & Co. where I found some delightful postcards and an owl journal. I’ve recently become rather obsessed with postcards and greeting cards of all sorts. As a fan of Amanda Palmer, I’ve joined the AFP Patreon group and now I have tons of people to whom I can send “sloth mail.” It is this same group of people who have inspired me to return here to my blog and continue writing.

My second stop was at Building Character. I’ve been wanting to check this out for a rather long time, but I’m often slow in getting around to checking out the things that intrigue me most. It seems counterintuitive I know. Anyway, I found a number of items to satisfy the Christmas wish lists of family members not to mention I was given a truly fascinating demonstration of a printing press at the Heritage Press Museum. Of course, I picked up some Christmas cards from the museum shop that had been hand pressed with much love and attention.

My third stop wasn’t necessarily a small business, but rather a non-profit that is near and dear to my heart, the Lancaster Creative Reuse. I visit this shop on a weekly basis to satisfy my creative whims and fancies. I pick up bits and pieces, odds and ends, and then hoard them in my library/studio until I can incorporate them into some odd piece of art or crafty amusement. I avoid shopping at the usual craft places for my supplies whenever I can because I can generally find what I need at the Creative Reuse; not to mention, it’s always cheaper.

To say the least, my day has been full and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it!





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