Hello again, it’s been awhile…

It’s been a considerable length of time since I’ve posted anything which is exactly what I feared when I initially began this blog. I knew that I’d likely putter away at it for a time and then…nothing. Much as I suspected, I’ve not posted since June, I believe. However, now I’m coming back with a renewed  sense of purpose.

I want to write; good stuff, bad stuff, absolute crap, and maybe a few finer gems. Since you can’t mine gems without digging through a load of crap, I suppose it’s only fitting that writing gems aren’t going to plop into my lap out of nowhere if I don’t put in the time writing the crap. Note, my goal isn’t to write crap but rather be able to discover a few stellar pieces within the haystack of nonsense that I might write.

My goal is to strike gold.


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