Spending Time with the Familiar

What a beautiful day.

I spent my day yesterday with an old friend, a very good friend, from high school. We decided to spend the day at a small amusement park that we frequented as kids; neither of us had been back in quite a few years. We rode a few rides together, discovered that we’re perhaps older and less flexible than we were as teenagers and spent a great deal of time talking and reminiscing. Our conversations bounced from remembering our mutual past, our individual childhoods, our present lives and hopes and hurts. It ranged in tone from mildly humorous and immature to incredibly deep and touching.

The familiar surroundings allowed us a sense of comfort and nostalgia. We shared ourselves with each other in the way that only old friends seem to be capable of doing. This communion came at a necessary time for both of us. It allowed each of us a chance to talk through things others in our lives might not fully understand. Our history together allows us that understanding.

It felt so good to spend this time with my dear friend. I drove home from our day together feeling alive, appreciated, and loved.

That is what friends are for.


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