I Believe in Webs

We all need someone who believes in us. Just one person, just one positive comment, or act of support can be all it takes. Humans are social creatures and as such our need for validation and belonging is intrinsic. When we face times of trouble or self-doubt, we need the ability to trust the web of connections that hold us in place, prop us up, and keep us moving forward. These people for me are friends, family, co-workers, my creative community, and even at times a few students.

Sometimes it is as simple as a smile first thing in the morning, a thoughtful message scribbled on a note card, a pat on the back or a hug when you most need it but refuse to admit it. These things strengthen us as individuals and as a society. The bonds we share are sometimes tentative and fragile, like butterfly wings, but they are bonds none-the-less. Other bonds have the tensile strength of spiders’ webs. No matter the nature of the bond, it is always beautiful to see them in action. Whether it be large or small, shining bright or slightly dusty and dull, remember that we’re all in need of our webs of connection.

So that being said, blessings to all, no matter how tentative or fragile our bond.


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