Defining Relaxation

I have so many things I’m interested in and want to do, see, and explore; I have a hard time doing what other people refer to as “relaxing;” I don’t generally sit and vegetate. I can’t.

On my time off from work I run errands and do house work, I volunteer, I read and write, I organize and plan things that I want to do the next time I have free time. Yes, I am a procrastinator too.

Our summer beach vacation is filled with nature hikes, activities and exploring. I people watch. I bird watch. I kayak the marshy areas hoping to glimpse the wildlife. I eat amazing meals at my favorite restaurants. I take pictures. I play rooftop mini golf and skeeball to my hearts content.

I currently find myself longing for the days of summer break. Days when it’s easier to make plans with friends and go on road trips. Days when I can go hang out downtown and walk around, see what there is to see, sit and read and write in the park, take a leisurely lunch (anything over 15 minutes is leisurely in my book), and hear the street buskers play. Maybe this summer I’ll even break out my own guitar and see if I can’t learn a song or two; it’s been a while. I want to chase the fireflies and hear the crickets chirp from the comfort of my back porch.

This is my relaxation, my reprieve. I won’t sleep my life away. I’m too busy relaxing!


3 thoughts on “Defining Relaxation

  1. Your kind of relaxing sounds amazing. You should try to learn a few songs. I always get very excited when I master a piece 😀 Ahhh, one of my wishes is to see fireflies!


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